Sharing a vision to help others record their milestone moments.

I love helping people look and feel their best through the art of photography.

Serving You with Style and Sentiment

I’ve always loved photography, but it wasn’t until I started photographing people, that I really found a deeper connection to the art. 

I realized during photo shoots people came to see themselves in a new way. I’d watch awkwardness dissolve and confidence follow, resulting in high fives and laughter at the end of shoots. I retouch each photo by hand and often get choked up with sentiment captured in the images. 

People often tell me there is nostalgia to my photos and I feel it. I have a great passion for art and photography, with 15+ years of art direction experience, and 10+ years in photography which has produced a great eye and sense of vision. These qualities help me create more than a snapshot, but something with meaning that can be displayed as fine art and cherished for years.

I understand how important it is to live life fully and to record it along the way. I once gave up the life I knew, a cushy corporate career as a designer at a major television network, my house, and most of my possessions to follow my dream. I traveled by myself around the world for a year; my only companion, my camera. Throughout that time, my passion was allowed to fly free. I woke up each morning ready to see the world with fresh eyes.

That period abroad produced some of my best work. I grew by leaps and bounds as a person and a photographer, fueled by the beauty of our world. I honed my craft and my vision.                                       

Upon returning from my trip, I made fine art pieces from my photos and traveled around to art shows and exhibitions, gaining more experience and even a few awards along the way. I traded in city life (I’m originally from Detroit) for the quiet life as a photographer in northern Michigan.

I now have special photos that take me back to my travels, to moments in time when I was at a peak in life. Based in Harbor Springs, I help serve people by giving them quality photos to help them record milestone moments of their own. 

Favorite Work

See a collection of my personal work to get a feel for who I am and the experience that will set your photos apart.

With no creative bone in my body, my hope is that whatever photographer we work with has the vision and leadership to come up with great and unique shots without direction from us. Sheri is that photographer and more! She has a unique perspective coming from a travel-inspired photographic background that she is able to apply to all portraits, be it family, landscapes or architecture. She’s not afraid to take risks and throw out new ideas finding potential in every home and setting. My favorite part is being able to see her beautiful edited pics at the end of the day through the pictures that have become among the most revered in our house.

Georgia H.

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