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Hi! I’m Sheri. In a sea of the same, I bring a bit of whimsy and wow to photographs that help people savor the moment in a memorable way.

We all want to look back on our lives and feel good about it. To feel like we accomplished big things, enjoyed the small things, we loved, we grew, we gave, we laughed, and we did the best we could with our precious time here.

Somewhere inside us, there is a calling and if we’re brave enough we answer it. If we’re present enough, we record the journey along the way.

That’s where I can help! With my creative vision and background in pushing the limits in life and creative boundaries, I can work with you to create photos that will spark a connection, retelling your story through warm nostalgia for years to come.

Self portrait of Sheri Kowalski a photographer in northern Michigan

The world I said yes to

I once gave up the life I knew, a cushy corporate career as a designer at a major television network, my house, and most of my possessions to follow my dream. I traveled by myself around the world for a year; my only companion, my camera.

Throughout that time, my solid foundation in design weaved its way into my photography. My passion was allowed to fly free. I woke up each morning ready to see the world with fresh eyes.

That time abroad produced some of my best work. I grew by leaps and bounds as a person and a photographer, fueled by the beauty of our world. I honed my craft and my vision.

Upon returning from my trip, I made fine art pieces from my photos and traveled around to art shows and exhibitions, gaining more experience and even a few awards along the way. I traded in city life (I’m originally from Detroit) for the quiet life as a photographer in northern Michigan.

Another way I broke out of the typical photographer’s safe zone was by creating my own personal projects. I once did a 365 self-portrait project (a photo a day for a year) to grow as an artist. My whimsical side was born as the series brought the magic out of the mundane.

Photography isn’t a job for me, or a way to earn money; it’s the voice inside me that tells me to become more each day. To keep pushing myself to create, grow and cherish this life. To stop and see the wonder.

You could be a mom who cherishes her child and wants senior portraits of them before they go off to college. Maybe you’re a busy parent who wants a family photo of everyone together before time rushes on to the next big event. Or you could be an entrepreneur, proud of where you are at in your career and wanting to convey yourself and your brand in the best light through a creative headshot.

Wherever you are in life, I understand the need for a visual memory; one that will capture who you are in this chapter of your life.

Still here?

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Headshot of a portrait photographer in northern Michigan, Sheri Kowalski.

Our family met Sheri in Northern Michigan as we traveled from Indiana “up north” for skis and a family winter photo shoot. From the first communication, Sheri had ideas for the perfect spot for our shoot. She was prompt in getting back to me and we were quickly able to schedule our day/time. My husband, 2 children and I made our way to the beautiful location in Harbor Springs, MI. Sheri greeted us, made us feel welcome and we set off outside to the spots she had designated and envisioned for our photo shoot. Now as a mom, photo shoot day is typically stressful with 2 children (ages 9 & 6), but Sheri’s calm, peaceful and fun demeanor was such a blessing to us. Our children did what she asked (mostly) and didn’t complain as much as usual. Sheri was timely and got the shots she felt we would love. Sure enough, shortly after, she emailed me photos to pick my favorites to be edited. Let me tell you, shea an incredible artist and photographer!!! We hadn’t a hard time deciding and narrowing down as they were so beautiful. I had Christmas cards made with the photos Sheri took and it’s been our most complimented card to date. I will cherish these family photos. You won’t be disappointed hiring Sheri Kowalski!

Amy H.

Winter family portait session by Sheri Kowalski a photographer in northern Michigan.