Celebrate your life with photos worthy of it.

I provide busy families a meaningful pause with an easy, uplifting photo session that will give them time to connect and quality photos to cherish.

Life can move fast, especially for families. I understand that it’s hard to slow down and take a moment to capture the present. You may take snapshots with your phone, but often miss the moment or they get buried and forgotten.

Family deserves intention, and a photo shoot with me will be full of thought, care, and have the quality snapshots are missing. So before more time slips by, let’s create photos intentionally special that you’ll be proud to display and share.

What to Expect


Family portrait sessions for up to 6 people include:
Photo shoot (no time limit)
Private online photo gallery
15 high resolution files of your choice
Satisfaction Guarantee


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Family Galleries

View some of my favorite family sessions and see an example of the types of images you would receive.

With no creative bone in my body, my hope is that whatever photographer we work with has the vision and leadership to come up with great and unique shots without direction from us. Sheri is that photographer and more! She has a unique perspective coming from a travel-inspired photographic background that she is able to apply to all portraits, be it family, landscapes or architecture. She’s not afraid to take risks and throw out new ideas finding potential in every home and setting. My favorite part is being able to see her beautiful edited pics at the end of the day through the pictures that have become among the most revered in our house.

Georgia H.

See her photos